Bion Dale is a non-executive independent director to investment vehicles and is licensed as a registered director with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority under The Directors’ Registration and Licensing Law, 2014.

Bion’s experience includes working with distressed investment funds, dealing with technical issues affecting shareholders and safeguarding shareholder interests. Bion’s independence from service providers is key to his ability to provide independent judgment.

Bion is the chief portfolio manager of Vilastine LLC a financial consulting firm domiciled in St. Kitts and Nevis. Vilastine LLC serves as an advisor to high net worth individuals who are seeking to grow their investments in a systematic manner. As a portfolio manager, his expertise includes worldwide equities, fixed income, ETFs, futures and foreign currencies. In terms of investment advisory track record, the company’s clients have enjoyed above average returns on their investments as a result of Bion’s advice and expertise.

Bion is also the chief trading advisor and editor at Asis Media LLC a financial publication company that gives investment recommendations via financial newsletters to clientele all over the world. Asis Media LLc’s publications are geared towards both individual and institutional investors. Bion is also a director of HS Dale and Company, a company domiciled in Kingston, Jamaica. He also serves as chief financial advisor to HS Dale and Company.

In addition to investment advisory experience, Bion has a Commercial Pilot licence and is a licensed flight instructor. Mr Dale attended the Florida Institute of Technology from 1998-2001 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Management.